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The Innovative System that outperforms,
protects and enhances your outdoor experience.


Enhance Your Outdoor Experience

Our motorized screen system operates better thanks to MagnaTrack, so you won’t have to worry about screens jamming or hanging up. With the Keder interlock, our system is completely failsafe! Our MagnaTrack system eliminates 98% of the service issues that come with fixed track/zipper systems.

About Our Systems

motor & integrations patio screens

Effortless deployment

Our low friction Keder Interlock means your screen is secure with absolutely no zippers.

motor & integrations patio screens

Strongest yet quiet operation

Our magnet track has more than 10x the pulling force of any other system in the market!

motor & integrations patio screens

Self-Adjusting Sidetracks

Our innovative design prevents openings and fabric bellowing in windy conditions.

motor & integrations patio screens

Adjustable Roller System

Made to reduce wrinkled edges for a clean aesthetic appearance.

motor & integrations patio screens

Weighted bottom bar

Rated the heaviest in the industry with retention locks to stay in place.

motor & integrations patio screens

Aluminum Housing Brackets

For utmost strength and durability. Coated in glass filled nylon to eliminate corrosion.

motor & integrations patio screens

Extruded Hood Design

Stylish, durable and engineered to accommodate wide spans without deflection.

How does it work

  1. Double felt system on inside of the hood cover and back of the hood brushes off dirt and debris and prevents unwanted insects from entering the housing.
  2. Glass-filled nylon end caps to eliminate corrosion.
  3. Stylish, energy-efficient fabrics and vinyl to match and coordinate with your space.
  4. Proprietary interlock and our Patented MagnaTrack system (US Patent No. 11421474) provide incomparable performance and reduce 98% of common service issues.
  5. The super heavy-weight bar for smooth operation and no hang-ups.
  6. A thick felt pile under the weight bar is used to seal uneven surfaces and protect them from insects and rodents.
  7. Stainless steel fasteners for rust-free construction.

Patented Track

Our patented MagnaTrack system is a one-of-a-kind self-tensioning design that relies on opposing polarity dual magnetic pull from Neodymium magnets interlocked into the track housing as well as the adjustable track insert to provide a constant secure hold.

By allowing the screen to expand under wind pressure and separate the magnets, the system is able to overcome the shortcomings of a fixed track that is permanently fastened. In order to prevent hang-ups or jams similar to fixed track systems, the magnetic pull will tension the screen when pressure decreases while permitting expansion and contraction of the screen as well as a screen/vinyl window insert combination during screen deployment.