Our Mission

Here, at Urban blinds, Patio screen solutions offer  Progressive Screens. We take pride in our dedication to innovation, quality and exceptional expertise. Our goal is to revolutionize outdoor living by introducing the MagnaTrack system and leveraging our two decades of experience to enhance and protect your spaces.

The mission is crystal clear. To specialize in creating brands that elevate and safeguard your areas. As an industry pioneer we are dedicated to providing notch motorized screening solutions that stand out from the crowd with their innovative designs. Each of our premium motorized screens is tailored precisely to cater to your needs.

Unmatched Expertise & Custom Solutions

For over twenty years, Progressive Screens  patio screened products have become the leading industry solution in the field of motorized screens since 2002. The remarkable journey has been characterized by testing, continuous refinement and patenting of top notch motorized screen technologies.

Progressive Screens take pride in using top-quality materials  to ensure Progressive Screens are built to last. Manufacturer with headquarters located in Sarasota, FL  Proudly crafts the world-class motorized screen system in the USA. The commitment to excellence is further exemplified by our lifetime warranty and stringent quality control measures.

High Quality Products

Patio Screen Solutions, Take pride in delivering systems of this quality. The commitment to using top notch materials and ensuring workmanship is reflected in every product that is created. We back our systems with an industry leading Limited Lifetime Warranty providing you with long term protection, for your investment.

The experiences of our customers serve as a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence. Whether it’s a three screened-in porch or an outdoor entertaining area our motorized screens have received accolades for their superior quality and outstanding performance.